Buying A First Home in Arizona

Buying a first home in Arizona is a big step. Up until this point rent has left your checking account, never to be seen again. When the decision is made to buy an Arizona home, “rent” is now a mortgage payment going toward ownership. Owning a home allows equity to be accumulated, a positive aspect of home ownership. When buying a first home it is important to be prepared and educated.

The first step of buying a home in Arizona is financial. Knowing your budget is key and different from knowing how much of a loan you qualify for. There will always be additional expenses like homeowner’s insurance, home maintenance costs, and possibly association fees, so having a monthly mortgage amount that fits in your budget is extremely important. 

Make a checklist of what is important to you before getting out and looking at Arizona real estate. Does your new home have to have three bedrooms? Two bathrooms? Does location matter? There are many questions to ask, only you know the answers as to what exactly you are looking for. 

Buying an Arizona home is not only a large purchase but a big investment as well. When you buy your first home it is important to do so with your eyes wide open, as fully prepared as possible, so that you have no regrets and no buyer remorse. 

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